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"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." -- Charles A. Lindbergh
"I have seen the fnords." -- Historical graffiti on Anarchy Bridge, UK
"Testing can prove the presence of bugs, but not their absence." -- Edsger W. Dijkstra
"The enemy knows the system." -- Claude E. Shannon
"Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to remove." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"The GNU people aren't evil." -- /usr/src/linux/Documentation/CodingStyle
"You can't argue with a root shell." -- Felix "FX" Lindner
"The only limit to malloc exploitation is the imagination." -- Qualys Research Team
"Never whistle while you're pissing." -- Hagbard Celine
"When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl." -- Anonymous


[0x01] Who's Raptor?

I'm a seasoned security researcher and tech leader with 25 years of experience, specializing in offensive security, from old school X.25 to modern mobile apps. I work as technical director at HN Security, a boutique company I co-founded that provides tailored offensive security services.

As a hacker and polyglot programmer of weird machines, I study how things can go wrong. I'm a core developer of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), the international standard for performing security testing. I've published articles on many computing magazines, including Phrack, and I've co-authored some books, such as the popular Hacking Exposed Linux. Back in the 1990s, I co-founded Linux&C, the first Italian magazine about Linux and the open source movement.

This is my personal homepage and playground. You can send your feedback to: Marco Ivaldi <raptor[at]0xdeadbeef.info> (PGP key).

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